Limited-Edition Cocktail-inspired Flavours Bundle

$85.00 $78.57

Consists of:

100ml x 6 Cups

  • Piña Colada x 3 *NEW
  • Lime Mojito Sorbet  x 3 *NEW

Stick bar 80ml x 3 Bars

  • Strawberry Daiquiri x 3 *NEW

75ml x 8 Cups

  • Chocolate x 2
  • Strawberry x 3
  • Vanilla x 3



Get in the ‘spirit’ of spring! Häagen-DazsTM presents three new tropical flavours with a hint of alcohol – Lime Mojito Sorbet (minicup), Piña Colada (minicup), and Strawberry Daiquiri (stickbar). Now available at eBazaar, ice-cream lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike can quench their thirst for something new by enjoying the exciting mix of fresh flavours.

Life is too short to choose between cocktails and ice cream. Love The Mix encourages fans to have it all. Whether for an evening digestif or on-the-go pick-me-up, these lightly alcoholic limited-edition flavours provide an adventurous escape from the everyday.

*Contains less than 1.1% alcohol by volume.


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