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Required Experience  All Level Duration 3 hrs Class Size 4 to 6 pax


This course is suitable for all coffee lovers. As a practical workshop, this class will cover everything that you need to know on pulling consistently great shots of espresso and mastering proper milk frothing techniques.

The class covers the following content:

  • Espresso Preparation techniques – a skill-building session to produce the prefect espresso shots
  • Espresso Extracting Training – adjustments to brewing parameters to achieve prefect espresso extraction
  • Espresso Beverages – interpreting the coffee menu and identify different type of beans
  • Milk Frothing Training – Learn about  ideal milk temperature, apply proper positioning and milk frothing techniques and introduction to free-pouring
  • Pour Analysis – A step-by-step guide to achieve respective coffee art design with review after each pour to identify areas of improvement


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