Singapore Design Series Gift Set (Singapore Limited Edition)


10 pcs


Marina Bay x 2

Origin of Coffee – Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia

Description of Taste – Brown sugar sweetness, sugarcane and vanilla butter, fruity, nuts, black tea, chocolate and wheat tea, Clean and smooth taste with rich crema.

Peranakan x 2

Origin of Coffee – Indonesia

Description of Taste – Classic rich taste and aroma, balance taste with no acidity, sweet aftertaste.

Jewel x 2

Origin of Coffee – Costa Rica, Guatemala , Colombia

Description of Taste – Rich nuts and caramel aroma, sweetness of ripe fruit, smooth chocolate-like taste.

Filled with Bliss x 2

Origin of Coffee – Indonesia & Ethiopia

Description of Taste – Classic rich taste aroma, sweet with hint of floral and lemon fragrance, gentle aftertaste.

Super Tree x 2

Origin of Coffee – Kenya, Indonesia

Description of Taste – Unique flavour, tangerine and plum wine-like taste, rich aroma and crema, dark chocolate and nuts aftertaste.


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