Sanritsu D’asses Biscuit Bundle

$15.00 $12.00

Consist of:

Sanritsu D’asses White Choc Biscuit x 1
Sanritsu D’asses  Choco Biscuit x 1
Sanritsu D’asses Green Tea Biscuit x 1



Sanritsu D’asses White Choc Biscuit. This box contains twelve individually packed sweet, thin and crunchy biscuits sandwiched the sweet white chocolate filling. These tasty biscuits are ideal for enjoying by themselves at work or school, or with a cup of hot tea.

Sanritsu D’asses  Choco Biscuit is an iconic French biscuit for a Japanese audience. This box contains twelve sweet, thin and crunchy biscuits serve as the two ends of the sandwich, and between them is a sweet milk chocolate filling.

Sanritsu D’asses Green Tea Biscuit.
It has a stronger buttery flavour and its green tea cream is smooth and not too sweet. This 12 individually packed biscuits are absolutely delicious and with every single bite, it will melt in your mouth.


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