Pork and Chicken Gyoza and Chives x 2 packets





CP Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality meat and vegetables wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet. The best selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. One of our healthy choices to enjoy.


To Microwave from frozen: Place Gyoza on a microwaveable dish. Add water to reach 1/4 of the Gyoza. Cover & microwave for 2.00-2.30 minutes at 800 watt. Discard water after cooking.

Pan Fry: Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil into a frying pan and arrange Gyoza into pan. Cook over medium heat until bottoms are golden brown. Add 1/3 cup of water into frying pan and cover for about 5.00 minutes. Remove cover once water has evaporated and cook until the bottoms are brown and crispy.

Deep Fry: Deep fry Gyoza at 170°C-180°C for 2.30-3.00 minutes or until golden brown.

Steam: Steam Gyoza in tray at 90°C-95°C for 7.00-8.00 minutes Boil: Boil Gyoza in hot water or soup for 2.30-3.00 minutes.

Non-Halal Product


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