Pastries Trio Deluxe Gift Set (38pcs)


淨重 Net Weight 331克g
保質期: 6個月(US & CAN 9個月)
Shelf-life: 6 months (US & CAN 9 months)
禮盒尺寸 Box Size: 285 x 250 x 70mm



原味甜心酥 Original Hearty Butter Pastry (6件 pcs)
楓糖味甜心酥 Maple Syrup Flavour Hearty Butter Pastry (6件 pcs)
原味杏仁條 Original Mille-feuille (3件 pcs)
榛子味杏仁條 Hazelnut Mille-feuille (3件 pcs)
原味牛油曲奇 Original Butter Cookie (10件 pcs)
榛子曲奇 Hazelnut Cookie (5件 pcs)
夏威夷果仁曲奇 Macadamia Nut Cookie (5件 pcs)

• 精心挑選美心烘焙產品而成, 一盒包括甜心酥, 杏仁條及曲奇
• 所有產品均用全紐西蘭牛油製作, 不含人造牛油及起酥油
• 絕不加防腐劑及抗氧化劑
• 小包包裝方便攜帶,送禮自用都適宜

• Combination of the best bakery products in this assortment – hearty butter pastries,
cookies, mille-feuille
• All products made with New Zealand butter, no margarine nor shortening
• No antioxidants and preservatives added
• Individual pack for easy outing consumption and sharing


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