Movenpick Swiss Chocolate 100ml


Country of Origin: Switzerland

Halal Certified



We may be blowing our own Alphorn but we believe Swiss Chocolate is the best in the world. It’s even better rippled through our Mövenpick ice cream!


Chocolate ice cream (chocolate 2.5%)

Ingredients: Whole *milk*,  *Cream* (*milk* product),  sugar,  dextrose (from corn and wheat), cocoa mass,  sunflower oil,  low fat cocoa powder, glucose syrup (from *wheat*),  skimmed *milk* powder,  *whey* powder (*milk* product),  *egg* yolk, starch (tapioca), cocoa butter,  *milk* proteins, citrus fibres,  salt, natural flavourings.

May contain traces of *tree nuts*

Store at -18°C or lower


  • Eggs and products thereof
  • Gluten
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Nuts
  • Soybeans


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