Meiji Galbo Bundle Deal

$24.00 $18.00

Consists of
5 Packets Galbo Choco Milk Chocolate
5 Packets Galbo Dark Chocolate



Galbo Choco Milk Chocolate (42g) X 5 Packets
Meiji’s Galbo chocolates are popular in Japan for their unique texture. These chocolate snacks are coated with hard chocolaty goodness and have a chocolate-soaked cookie inside. What a tasty surprise! Perfect for picnics and parties!

Galbo Choco Dark Chocolate (42g) X 5 Packets
The cookies added black cocoa wrapped in bitter chocolates, full of cocoa aromas, taste galbo black chocolate for adults with reduced sweetness. Galbo The right size and weight of a greedy mouth, chocolate coats that are not easily touched, it’s a good pack to come at any time.


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