Meiji Chocolate Bundle Deal (5 boxes)

$31.00 $15.00

Consists of
2 Boxes Almond Chocolate
3 Boxes Macadamia Chocolate

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Almond Chocolate (88g) X 2 Boxes
Almond Nuts wrapped in high quality milk chocolate unique to Meiji. A perfect balance of chocolate’s aroma with carefully selected crunchy premium roasted almonds. A creamy milky feeling without losing the flavour of the roasted almond nuts.

Macadamia Chocolate (64g) X 3 Boxes
Popular 2 dishes that can be enjoyed on one of the bags, deals Assorted
Meiji of nuts chocolate classic “almond chocolate,” “Macadamia chocolate” and to each individual package, was assorted.
Almond standard 14 grains, in macadamia standard 7 tablets containing, you can enjoy both a lot.


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