Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Set (22pcs)


淨重 Net Weight: 206克g
保質期: 6個月(US & CAN 9個月)
Shelf-life: 6 months (US & CAN 9 months)
禮盒尺寸 Box Size: 268 x 200 x 70mm



原味甜心酥 Original Hearty Butter Pastry (6件 pcs)
楓糖味甜心酥 Maple Syrup Flavour Hearty Butter Pastry (5件 pcs)
榛子味甜心酥 Hazelnut Flavour Hearty Butter Pastry (5件 pcs)
椰香甜心酥 Coconut Hearty Butter Pastry (6件 pcs)

• 一盒 4 個口味,包括全新椰香口味, 吸引度大大提升
• 椰香味甜心酥椰香四溢,跟牛油酥香相輔相成
• 二次烘焗技術,利用不同的溫度以烘製出焦糖外皮
• 使用紐西蘭牛油,不含人造牛油及起酥油
• 絕不加防腐劑及抗氧化劑

• Combination of four flavours including the new Coconut Hearty Butter Pastries
• Coconut Hearty Butter Pastry full of coconut flavor, complements with the buttery
and crispy pastries
• Double baking technique with different temperature in order to create a
caramelized sugar crust, which gives a crunchy mouth-feel
• Made with pure New Zealand butter, no margarine, no shortening
• No antioxidants and preservatives added


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