Exquisite Combo Gift Set (35pcs)


淨重 Net Weight: 256克g
保質期 Shelf-life: : 6 個月 months
禮盒尺寸 Box Size: 285 x 250 x 70mm



精緻原味雞蛋卷 Petite Original Eggroll (9件 pcs)
夏威夷果仁南棗糖果 Macadamia Nut & Date Candy (3件 pcs)
金黃果仁紐結糖 Golden Nut Nougat (3件 pcs)
檸檬蜂蜜曲奇 Lemon Honey Cookie (6件 pcs)
朱古力曲奇 Chocolate Cookie (6件 pcs)
原味甜心酥 Original Hearty Butter Pastry (4件 pcs)
楓糖味甜心酥 Maple Syrup Flavour Hearty Butter Pastry (4件 pcs)

• 一盒有齊蛋卷, 糖果, 曲奇, 甜心酥等四種類別的產品, 產品種類更多
元化, 比往年的組合更豐富多彩。花團錦繡, 目不暇给
• 朱古力曲奇使用比利時朱古力及法國cacao barry 可可粉, 香氣濃郁
• 檸檬蜂蜜曲奇酸中有甜, 帶出清爽的感覺

• A combo of different bakery products including eggrolls, confectionery, cookies and
hearty butter pastries, which provides a variety of choices.
• Chocolate cookies made with Belgium chocolate and French cocoa powder
• The balance of sweet and bitter of Lemon Honey Cookie is both tasty and soothing


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