ESPriT Corporate Exclusive Bundle (24 Bottles)

$100.00 $60.00

Consists of 300ml x 24 Bottles

  • Blueberry x 4 Bottles
  • Lemon/Lime x 4 Bottles
  • Orange/Tangerine x 4 Bottles
  • Passion Fruit x 4 Bottles
  • Raspberry x 4 Bottles
  • Strawberry x 4 Bottles





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Sparkling water with real fruit juice and no artificial flavours or colours

The Great Fruit Taste Sensation!

The Esprit range of soft drinks have been developed to appeal to a more mature adult palate. Esprit cleverly combines the refreshing taste of real fruit with a less sweet, slightly dry, clean finish. A genuine adult soft drink that will delight and refresh.


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