Crunch Cookies (32pcs)


淨重 Net Weight: 200克g
保質期: 6個月(US & CAN 9個月)
Shelf-life: 6 months (US & CAN 9 months)
禮盒尺寸 Box Size: 145 x 145 x 148mm



曲奇四脆 ( 32 件 )
提子燕麥曲奇 Oat Cookie with Raisin (8件 pcs)
蘋果燕麥曲奇 Oat Cookie with Apple (8件 pcs)
香醇咖啡曲奇 Coffee Cookie (8件 pcs)
檸檬蜂蜜曲奇 Lemon Honey Cookie (8件 pcs)

• 精選四款健康醒神口味, 組成全新曲奇四脆禮盒
• 提子燕麥曲奇及蘋果燕麥曲奇使用原片桂格大燕麥,加上份量十足的果乾,口
感香脆 , 味道香濃
• 咖啡曲奇及檸檬蜂蜜曲奇採用紐西蘭牛油,不含人造牛油及起酥油
• 咖啡曲奇美味可口,刺激大腦醒醒神;檸檬蜂蜜曲奇酸中有甜,帶出清爽感覺

• Brand new combination of four healthy and crunchy cookies
• Oat Cookie with Raisin & Oat Cookie with Apple are made with Quaker oat and abundant
dried fruit, they are delicious with crispy texture
• Coffee Cookie & Lemon Honey Cookie are made with New Zealand butter, without margarine
nor shortening
• Coffee Cookie gives your brain a boost with the aromatic coffee; the balance of sweet and
bitter in Lemon Honey Cookie is both tasty and soothing


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