Assorted Petite Eggrolls (36pcs)


淨重 Net Weight : 208.8克g
保質期: 7個月 (US & CAN 9個月)
Shelf-life: 7 months (US & CAN 9 months)
禮盒尺寸 Box Size : 145 x 145 x 148mm




精緻原味雞蛋卷 Petite Original Eggroll (9件 pcs)
精緻椰香蛋卷 Petite Coconut Eggroll (9件 pcs)
精緻抹茶蛋卷 Petite Matcha Eggroll (9件 pcs)
精緻朱古力蛋卷 Petite Chocolate Eggroll (9件 pcs)

• 4款口味分別用小包包裝,保持新鮮美味
• 使用牛油及新鮮雞蛋製作
• 不含人造牛油及起酥油,絕不加防腐劑,抗氧化劑及色素
• 朱古力蛋卷採用法國 Cacao Barry 純可可粉,每一口都感受到濃郁的朱古力味
• 抹茶蛋卷使日本宇治抹茶粉,抹茶味甘香

• Each flavour of petite eggrolls packed in 4 individual foil bags, stay fresh and tasty
• All eggrolls are made with butter and fresh egg
• No margarine nor shortening; No preservatives, antioxidants and colorings added
• Chocolate Eggrolls use French Cacao Barry coco power
• Matcha Eggrolls use Japanese Matcha power


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