Around the World Series


10 pcs


The “Around the world series” makes coffee drinking a novel experience with 10 different countries all in a single box!!


1.Costa Rica Special Blend of C.O.E Specialty Coffee Series(Chocolate Symphony)

2.Panama Small Farmers’ Featured Series – Apollo

3.Guatemala Huehuetenango Maya

4.ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Kochere G1 Sheepherder

5.KENYA Endebess Estate Natural

6.Indonesia Sumatera Aceh Blue Diamond Mandheling

7.TAIWAN Specialty Dongshan Coffee

8.BRAZIL Fazenda Bau Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural

9.MEXICO Microlot Ixhuatlan del Café F1 Anaerobic Natural

10.COLUMBIA Sierra Nevada EI Mirador Anaerobic Natural

Note : The above combination could be varies prior to the stock availability


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