3 Bottles Bundle


[Limited Edition Lunar New Year Bottle] (Two free packs of Seaweed Prispy)

Bundle includes:

  • 1x Mala Prispy
  • 1x Cheese Prispy
  • 1x Dual Flavour Prispy
  • 2x Sea Salt Seaweed Prispy (FREE)




Product Description

A class of its own! The first and only snack in the world made from traditional handcrafted popiah pastry.

Limited Edition Lunar New Year Oriental Red Bottle, Crane and Peony Flowers, a symbol of prosperity and longevity.

We have not one but two surprises for you this festive season!

Introducing the long awaited new flavour, Sea Salt Seaweed, only available with every purchase of this 3 bottle bundle set!
Hurry get yours now!


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